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Las Vegas…. Not What You’d Think


I have some good friends who live in Las Vegas. Most people are surprised that people actually live there. So I’ve been there about 6 times, and have spent most of that time in places that tourists to Las Vegas have probably never been.

Did you know there is more than one street in Las Vegas? The Strip is not the only street in town!

Did you also know that there are beautiful mountains, canyons, and wildlife?

I was surprised by the numbers of birds I saw. Everywhere I looked, I saw ravens, goldfinches, hummingbirds, grackles, sparrows, and more. Here’s a hummingbird I was able to snap a photo of.

I know I’ll go back to Vegas sometime, which makes me both glad and frustrated. It’s  troubling to me to spend time there. The gaudiness, tackiness, and wastefulness in the middle of the desert bothers me. The resources are so strained, water should be scarce at best, non-existent at worst, yet there are hundreds of thousands of people sucking up the resources, dumping money into machines, and taking in all the man-made, soulless sights and sounds. I prefer to stay away from that, which is sometimes difficult to remember because I must admit I enjoy blackjack. I advise anyone who goes, myself included, to get out of the casino and enjoy the outdoors.


Haiti Hiatus


I will not be posting for a week or two because I will be in Haiti. This is not an invitation to rob me, I have a house-sitter. I promise lots of interesting posts upon my return.

In the meantime, consider a donation to the arts center I am working for and supporting. We need to pay the rent.

Here is the indiegogo link to donate.

Thanks for donating. Enjoy these photos from my first trip to Haiti.

This is part of a market outside of Port-au-Prince.

This is a tap-tap and some traffic taken through a dirty windshield in P-a-P.

This is me trying to show the beauty of the countryside in Haiti. It’s the only equatorial country with a high enough elevation to have snow in the mountaintops. Lots of mountains are common in places with earthquakes (since mountains are formed by the same process of shifting tectonic plates).

These photos are from the main street in Jacmel. Moto traffic is heavy and traffic jams are common. Right-of-way is the reverse of the United States- the larger you are the more right-of-way you have. Pedestrians have none. Watch out if you are walking, especially since the sidewalks that exist are not up to standards you may be used to.

This is a young girl being assisted by an older girl at College Saint Louis run by Jenny Theodore. I was impressed at how the older children assisted the younger children at everything. This particular class had children from ages 4-11. The boy in the background reminded me a lot of many of my students.

This is taken from the balcony of the old Jakmel Ekspresyon building. We have a new building now and need to pay the rent!!

These are from knitting workshops at Vilaj Kariyb. It’s a beautiful oasis located in Jacmel. They have held workshops there including writing, poetry, and my knitting workshops. They are also working toward being a community arts center.

This is also in Jacmel. Wooden construction is uncommon. It is expensive, and much of Haiti has been deforested. Haiti would be an ideal place for growing bamboo since bamboo grows so quickly and is a useful, strong wood.

Thanks for looking. See you in a few weeks and don’t forget to support the arts by donating to Jakmel Ekspresyon. You will be able to see exactly where your money goes and the people you help directly.

Mexican Inspired Skillet


We had some rice to use up, and the only produce left was some onion, tomato, sweet baby peppers, and bits of lettuce. So I put it all together.

First, I cut up the onion and cooked them in a cast iron with oil. When the onions were glassy, I added turmeric and cayenne, and some cooked rice. Then a can of pinto beans. After a few minutes, I added salt and chopped tomatoes.

I served it with a sliced adorable sweet baby pepper and a bit of lettuce. Super easy, super good!



I love my bike. I love riding it, I love looking at it, I even love patching the tube when the tire goes flat (though my husband will say I’m lying here).


It is a beautifully simple machine.

My lungs feel clean and my body feels refreshed when I bike. I’ve never biked in winter before until this year. It’s fine as long as you bundle up.

Even BeezyCat loves it.


New Camera


I just got a new camera and a macro lens. Look for my photos to soon be much improved! Here’s a small sampling of the photos my husband and I have taken just learning the camera and playing around. They are not great yet. We’re still learning.

Alex took these photos of his cat, Smudge.

This is macro lens practice with a dragon Alex’s mom and step-dad brought us from their trip to Thailand.

I need to get a tripod for macro pictures. All my kale pictures came out blurry. I’m trying to use a low aperture in order to increase blurriness on everything except what I focused on. But I can’t keep the camera still enough to look right. This was the best of 4.

Any suggestions on improving my photographic skills?