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Icelandicish Vintage Modern Sweater


I fell in love with the cover design of Vintage Modern Knits, called Adelaide Yoke Pullover, designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn.


This was  before I knew it was pretty much a lopapeysa, or traditional Icelandic sweater design. I started the project right around when I found out I would be going to Iceland, and didn’t finish it until a few months after I was back.

Instead of the recommended yarn, I used Malabrigo, one of my favorites.

One thing I liked about this pattern is that it has you start with the sleeves, then start the body once the sleeves are finished.


That works for me because usually I’m all excited about a project at first, then lose interest or it gets boring partway through. With this one, it was still all exciting to start the main part of the sweater, and when I finished that, it was like, surprise! sleeves are done, all you need to do is attach them.


It was also knit bottom-up. In Iceland, I learned about the benefits of knitting sweaters top-down (you can try them on as you go and ensure proper length, you get the tricky parts out of the way first) but for me I liked knitting this bottom-up. The reason is that again, once I started losing interest in the pattern from all the plain, solid color knitting, the colorwork  started and I regained interest in the pattern.


The sweater is super warm and cozy. I’m happy with the turnout. What do you think?


Zoidberg in Blue


I made my husband some lobster-claw biking mittens for Christmas. I finished them on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t matter that he’s Jewish, we celebrated Christmas this year. These mittens are nice for biking because they are warm like mittens, but you can pull the brake more easily.

I call them Zoidberg in Blue. They’re more of a blue slate color, but I like the sound of Zoidberg in Blue better than Zoidberg in Slate. Or in Blue-Grey.

I made these out of one of my most favorite yarns in the world, Malabrigo. In the back of my mind, I’ve been planning a trip to Uruguay to visit the Malabrigo factory. I saved a business card from one of the Uruguayan managers I met once at an event at Nina. I’ll get there someday. Maybe we can bike there one summer.