Jamaican-Style Curry Shepherd’s Pie


The key to being a great cook is being able to read and follow directions. And occasionally improvise.

Just like all my best meals, this recipe came from the cookbook Veganomicon. Shepherd’s Pie is traditionally meat and veggies in some sort of sauce topped with mashed potatoes and baked. This one is veggies and beans in a curry/coconut milk sauce topped with mashed yucca. Yeah.

I’d never cooked yucca before, and had really only eaten it in the form of Terra Chips. But it was much easier than I expected. You just have to cut it down and peel the skin.

Then I boiled it while I prepared everything else. Once the other stuff was all done, the yucca was soft enough to be mashed. When I make this again, I’ll add more soy milk or coconut milk to the yucca while mashing it. It was a little too stiff to spread on top of the veggie mixture.

The preparing everything else part consisted of cooking several vegetables including sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, plantains, and more along with a couple types of beans and of course spices and coconut milk. Once all the veggies were cooked, I loaded them into a casserole dish and topped it with the mashed yucca. Then, I baked it for a short time, took it out, let it cool, and indulged.


Vegan comfort food at its finest.



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