New Camera


I just got a new camera and a macro lens. Look for my photos to soon be much improved! Here’s a small sampling of the photos my husband and I have taken just learning the camera and playing around. They are not great yet. We’re still learning.

Alex took these photos of his cat, Smudge.

This is macro lens practice with a dragon Alex’s mom and step-dad brought us from their trip to Thailand.

I need to get a tripod for macro pictures. All my kale pictures came out blurry. I’m trying to use a low aperture in order to increase blurriness on everything except what I focused on. But I can’t keep the camera still enough to look right. This was the best of 4.

Any suggestions on improving my photographic skills?



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  1. I’ve been toying around lately with cameras as well. One thing I’ve found that really makes photos pop is a good software program. Some of the photos I took that turned out horrible were able to be salvaged.

    Love the cat!!!

    • Thanks, good to know. I put them into photoshop to resize, and I usually put auto tone, color, and contrast. But that was with my old camera. These seemed to look better before the auto-adjustments. I should probably take a photoshop tutorial or class.

  2. I love these photographs Kristen. Getting to know a new camera, takes time, and practice, just keep clicking. Very close up shots with a macro lens, does require a steady hand, a tripod is useful, but also try a small bean bag, or even make your own, like I did. I made a small cloth bag, about 9 inches x 4 inches, filled it with rice, sowed it up tight. Its small enough to put in a bag. Use to put on a fence, wall, or any surface, to enable to you steady the camera. Its not always convenient to use for some shots, especially shooting insects, or other subjects on the move. Get to know your camera by experimenting with all the camera settings, shooting modes, shutter speeds, aperture etc. Take shots of anything, and everything, but mainly, enjoy it.

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