How to Make Cheap Knitting Needles?


I’m going back to Haiti in about two weeks, and I’ll be teaching some more knitting workshops. I have so much I’d like to do before the trip including download French knitting videos and create a dvd, reprint my Knitting Basics zine, and make an advanced knitting zine. I also want to make some knitting needles to bring.

I received lots and lots of donations of yarn, so thanks everyone who donated. Unfortunately, I did not receive very many needles. I want to bring 30-50 pairs, and the least expensive run about $3.00 a set. I don’t really want to plunk down that much money, so I borrowed an idea from someone on Ravelry– make them out of chopsticks.

So I bought a pack of 50 pairs of chopsticks for $1.50. The problem is, I need to put something on the end to keep the yarn from falling off the back. My first idea was clay that air-drys. So I bought the only size container at Michaels which is way more than I need, for $11. The extra I’ll bring to my classroom. I think this will be too brittle when it drys, and won’t hold up. So it looks like my students will get a clay art project in the near future.

My next idea was wax, but my husband reminded me that it wouldn’t hold up well in Haiti. His idea was to slide a hex nut onto it and hold it on with a dab of wood glue. So I think we’ll stop by a hardware store today.

Do you have any other ideas? I want these to be reasonable and last for the people I’m giving them to.


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  1. I like the bead and wood glue idea, but an even cheaper way would be to make your own beads out of scrap paper. Just mix the wood glue with 1 or 2 parts water to 1 part glue, coat a strip of newspaper or old phone book paper, and roll it on the end of the chopstick until it’s thick enough.

    • You’re right! I did make a beaded necklace that way when I was a kid. I’m just going to have to see what time allows because I’m awfully busy from now til the trip. If I had more time I’d do that, but I think spending a bit of money might be worth saving the time.
      Now, if I could have my students make the beads for an art project…. Just kidding. Won’t cross that ethics line.

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