A new bedspread!


I had a groupon to The Needle Shop that I needed to spend before January. I have not used my sewing machine much, and I consider myself a beginner when it comes to sewing. I can enjoy it, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. But working through frustration can yield fulfilling results. My husband thought I should make a cover for our down comforter that has a hole in it, since we are sick of finding small feathers all over the place. Plus, the feathers look like centipedes in my peripheral vision, and I’m sick of panicking over false alarms. So I went to The Needle Shop to find some fabric. Here is what I bought.

I went into the store planning to get several yards of one single fabric, but was inspired to get a few complementary fabrics and arrange them interestingly. I made a diagram, and realized it would have been a good idea to measure the blanket before buying the fabric because my estimation was short and I did not buy enough for front and back. So I decided I’d get a plain color for the back later, and I got to work on the front.

This duvet cover turned out to be really frustrating to make. Because it was such a large project, it was difficult to manage all the fabric. Each side was longer than any length of fabric, so I had to piece things together. I wanted to match the patterns across so it looked like continuous fabric instead of quilt-like, but the fabrics were busy and hard to match. Plus the cats kept getting in the way. And trying to eat the pins.

The thing is, even if it is frustrating, it is still fulfilling to make something by hand that could easily be bought at a store. In exchange for the frustration, you get a unique piece, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and you get exactly what you wanted (usually). Creating something yourself, whether it is a meal, clothing, household items, or something else, brings a feeling of satisfaction and self-reliance. Knitting is by far my craft-type of choice, but I am not going to give up on sewing just yet.


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