Toast Francais


Ingredients gathered for a lovely breakfast for two. I always take everything that I will need out first and put it on the counter. This is especially important for baking. I learned the hard way when I went to add dry ingredients into cookie batter, and stopped, thinking, Really? I’m out of flour? How did that happen? Plus it makes for a nice photo op. French toast is amazingly easy and impressive to make. I suggest more people make it more often. I sliced some raisin challah from Breadsmith and some strawberries. These were strawberries that didn’t go into the bubble tea from green curry night.

I beat two eggs and added little pour of peach juice. Then I dipped each  bread slice in the egg mixture and then into some sliced almonds, making them stick on both sides. I first read a recipe for french toast with sliced almonds in the newspaper. It was for a mother’s day breakfast, and I made it for my mom one of the first times she came to visit me in Chicago. Now that I am older, I can begin to imagine how she felt when I told her I was moving out two weeks after I graduated high school. As a kid, I always felt older than I really was. Even at age 7, I would go into a store or restaurant, and I truly thought if I stood straight and spoke matter-of-factly, the shop owners would think I was an adult. At 14, I was surprised to get carded for cigarettes. My outside appearance didn’t match how I thought I presented myself. This is not to say I actually reasoned or had the maturity of an adult. But I was a serious, not super playful child who planned to move out on my own as soon as legally possible. But I still like when my parents visit, and try to make things special. So that’s what I was thinking about when I let the french toast sizzle on the griddle.

To go with this breakfast, I fried two eggs and included the strawberries on the side. In total, the preparation was probably fifteen minutes, but it was a lovely breakfast for my husband and me. And the next time my mom visits, I will gladly make it again.


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