Haitian peanut butter with Romanian jam


I must admit I’m a peanut butter aficionado. So when I heard that Haiti has some amazing peanut butter, I made it a point to buy some while I was there, and bring a big jar home.

It is hand ground with chiles to make a spicy, creamy spread.

What I wasn’t expecting was for my aunt and uncle to send me some homemade jam from my aunt in Romania after their trip there last month.

There is something extra delicious about eating foods that cannot be bought where you live. Every time I take a trip somewhere out of the country, I make it a point to try things I would never be able to back home. I usually try to bring some of the food home with me to share with friends and family who did not come on the trip. (Being very careful to follow the laws about bringing things back into the country from outside the country).

Anyway, this jam is the best jam I have ever eaten. Aunt Lia’s blackberry jam was one of the highlights of my trip to Romania in ’08. (My uncles might tell you it was the ţuică, or Romanian moonshine, but I beg to differ). I wondered when I would have a chance to eat it again, and was thrilled to receive my surprise package in the mail. But this time, it included something even more delicious than the blackberry jam- honey marmalade.

The honey marmalade has just the right amount of sweetness to blend perfectly with the spicy Haitian peanut butter. It is heavenly.

It humbles me to realize that I am able to have a sandwich on bread made by my husband with homemade fillings from around the world. And it humbles me to realize that he and I are the only ones in the world who have eaten this exact sandwich. I will be heading back to Haiti in two months, and I know I’ll bring back some more peanut butter. I only hope I can get to Romania again soon!


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  1. I also am a huge eater when I travel–I just want to taste as many things I could never eat at home as possible. It’s wonderful how the simplest foods can get elevated by using great ingredients

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